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Satellite TV for PC™ Elite is our top-pick for TV on PC software. You can download and install the software in mere seconds, start watching TV Channels with Football, Basketball, Baseball and many other Sports (even European stations and many other overseas countries) right on your PC, without needing any extra equiptment. Satellite TV for PC™ is updated continually to ensure that it contains the correct TV streams and stations - saving you the trouble of trawling through the Internet trying to find your favourite Sports TV broadcast...

"We've tested every major TV on PC software on the market, and Satellite TV for PC™ Elite is definitely the easiest (and fastest) way to watch Sports TV on your PC.."


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Satellite TV for PC™ - Titanium Review

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Satellite TV for PC™ - Titanium Review

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Satellite TV for PC™ - Titanium Review

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The Good

The best thing about this is that it now has a favourite button that I can bookmark my favourite channels with. No more scrolling up and down just to find my favourite sports channel, which can be quite time consuming.

The Bad

The interface is not exactly exciting, it’s just a litte too boring. I’d like to put some paint to it. But whatever, the program works well and delivers, so that is the main thing.

The "Tell It Like It Is" Part

I didn’t believe the sales page at first. Usually, when they sell you software at a cheap price – either the software does not work or there are hidden payments in store for you. But this product is really the real deal. No annual membership or the need to purchase another gadget for it to work. You buy it one-time and it’s yours forever and free to continually watch TV.

Video Streaming Efficiency:Satellite TV for PC™ - Titanium Review

Is video/audio delivered efficiently?

Two thumbs up! The videos are crystal clear. Some may be found lacking, like other foreign channels. But my sports channel and movies all performed great.

Are channels viewed often paused or static?

Some countries have better quality channels than the others and not all channels are available 24/7. When watching a big game that everyone else would want to watch, load the channel earlier because it will take some time.

User Interface:Satellite TV for PC™ - Titanium Review

First Impressions

A little boring. The interface does not reflect the inner soul of the software. It should be adventurous-looking, interesting and cool – but the interface just looks hardworking and serious... but as I said before, it's got it where it counts and delivers the functionality well.

User Friendly, easy to Use?

The interface is very straightforward and easy to navigate. Just scroll down the channels, which are by the day arranged per country, then just click and play.

Logical Navigation, pleasing Interface?

The buttons are easy to use. But the best thing about this is that there is a “favourite button” and “record button” that only the Titanium edition has. It makes it easy for the viewer to change to their favourite channel rather than to scroll down again to find it.

Screen shots

How about some skiing?
Satellite TV for PC™ - Titanium Screenshot

Baseball anyone?
Satellite TV for PC™ - Titanium Screenshot

Sport News...
Satellite TV for PC™ - Titanium Screenshot

Speed and Resource Handling:Satellite TV for PC™ - Titanium Review

How does the application perform after installed?

Installation was easy and using it after installation is a breeze. No more waiting time, you can instantly watch 4000 plus channels. The only time that you have to wait is when the channel is loading – and that only takes about 20 seconds or so, depending on your Internet connection speed/bandwidth.

Is it a memory hog?

Your computer will not even know it’s there. Handles it's memory very well.

Does it max out CPU usage often?

No. You do not even have to worry about the pop-ups that you usually get in other products. There will be no interruption in your viewing and in your CPU usage.

Download Satellite TV for PC™ Titanium Here >>

Features:Satellite TV for PC™ - Titanium Review

List of features in product

The "add to favourites" feature, the record button, over 4000 channels, no TV card needed, works with all window-based programs, full screen support and only one-time payment.

Trial Period or Free Download?

Though you cannot download a trial version of Satellite TV for PC Titanium, you can buy the product and just get a refund if you do not like the product. It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Sweet!

Anything special to note that other products don't have?

If you have a PC and internet connection, you're good to go. No need to buy PC TV card or extra hardware equipment like you have to with some other products -- all TV channels streamed through Internet connection. So the speed and quality of your program will greatly depend on your connection.

Customer Support:Satellite TV for PC™ - Titanium Review

Is there support good?

You can call them 24/7 on their 1800 hotline and you can email them and expect their response within 24-48 hours.

Do they respond to support requests quickly and get problems resolved?

Their customer service representatives are very friendly and helpful, and from past experience they do actually reply to your email questions/issues within a timely manner.

Does It Deliver?:Satellite TV for PC™ - Titanium Review

Does this software deliver what it says from the sales page?

This software is an absolute killer program. It offers 4000 and more premium channels. They have channels from all over the world with a lot of variety and not just to countries that you may not understand what they are talking about... at least I wouldn't ;-)

Are there things that it lacks?

Not all channels are available 24/7 and some of the channels are not as clear. These channels are usually from the foreign countries, though it is still good, just not HD standard.

Anything it overdelivers?

I can know watch my football game in the car, the airport, even in the bathroom of I want to... sounds crazy, but I'm a busy person :-D And the other good thing is that its all for free every time I need to watch a game. No more paying pay per view every time there is a big game that I would want to watch.


Download Satellite TV for PC™ Titanium Here >>

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"You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great."

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