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Satellite TV for PC™ Elite is our top-pick for TV on PC software. You can download and install the software in mere seconds, start watching TV Channels with Football, Basketball, Baseball and many other Sports (even European stations and many other overseas countries) right on your PC, without needing any extra equiptment. Satellite TV for PC™ is updated continually to ensure that it contains the correct TV streams and stations - saving you the trouble of trawling through the Internet trying to find your favourite Sports TV broadcast...

"We've tested every major TV on PC software on the market, and Satellite TV for PC™ Elite is definitely the easiest (and fastest) way to watch Sports TV on your PC.."


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Dish TV on PC Review

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Dish TV on PC Review

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Dish TV on PC Review

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The Good

Download Button for Dish TV on PC

Has option for movie and TV show downloads, but for additional fee.

The Bad

Subscription needs to be renewed after a one or two year period.

The "Tell It Like It Is" Part

Seems to be an Ok product for movies and TV shows, but now so great for Sports. Be sure to check out the review for Satellite TV for PC first.

With the ability to stream and watch thousands of TV channels in various languages from all around the world, the TV for PC software segment is hot property and is being embraced by thousands of avid TV fanatics worldwide. Not to mention the fact that this technology enables us to watch a variety of TV channels from around the world legally without breaking any rules. Dish TV for PC is a fairly new TV for PC offering.

Dish TV for PC offers over 3000 channels in superb HD quality. A wide variety of channels such as news, sports, movies, music, weather, educational, kids channels and many more are on offer. For sporting enthusiasts, a wide variety of sports such as basketball, baseball, football, cricket, wrestling, cycling, tennis and a lot more are available as recorded programming or live broadcasts of major sporting tournaments from across the world. In addition to this, radio stations from across the world can be tuned into using this software.

Dish TV for PC not only streams a wide array of TV channels, but also gives access to 6000+ movies, more than 24,000 TV show episodes, 2000+ games and unlimited music downloads. It is also very flexible and can be watched on your PC or on a laptop using a Wi-Fi card. The great thing to note about such software is that they instantly convert your PC into a TV (in a round-a-bout way), there are no additional software requirements and no external hardware add-ons are required either.

The interface of Dish TV for PC is very attractive and intuitively created. TV, Radio and Games are clearly separated into different tabs. The user gets to choose the channel based on the Category, Country, Genre or even based on Sort Lists such as Most Popular and Most Recent. The list of channels is displayed along with a viewer rating which is a useful addition. There is also an option to add the most frequently watched streams to the Favorites list. A great feature is that the user can add their own video stream to the list of existing streams! With a good high speed broadband connection, the streaming is ok and the audio/video quality is very good.

There are three payment options for downloading Dish TV for PC's software. You can either choose to go for a one or two year unlimited subscriptions that needs to be renewed after the said period, or take up the lifetime unlimited subscription option which requires a one-time flat payment and no other additional charges. But, there is a catch. With any of these subscription options, if you would also like to be able to download and watch movies, you will be required to pay an additional fee. It guarantees that its downloads are free of adware/spyware and also offers 24/7 technical support.

Overall, Dish TV for PC is an Ok TV for PC option. Its channel list might be shorter than its competitors but it offers a wide variety of other features such as gaming and movie/music downloads. Another downside is that it's a Windows-only software and as of now there are no Mac versions available. Also, it's a little pricey compared to its opponents. Look at other options before you go for this one.

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* Includes channels showing baseball, football, soccer, basketball, tennis, and racing! Channels like ESPN News, EuroSports TV, GameSports TV, WHL TV, Fox Network, and Sport Star. There are channels for just about any sport you can think of... ultimate fighting, martial arts, wrestling, and boxing!

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"You donít have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great."

- Les Brown

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