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Satellite TV for PC™ Elite is our top-pick for TV on PC software. You can download and install the software in mere seconds, start watching TV Channels with Football, Basketball, Baseball and many other Sports (even European stations and many other overseas countries) right on your PC, without needing any extra equiptment. Satellite TV for PC™ is updated continually to ensure that it contains the correct TV streams and stations - saving you the trouble of trawling through the Internet trying to find your favourite Sports TV broadcast...

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Is It Smart to use P2P Software for Watching Live TV Events?

A number of people are ready to tell that cable and satellite accessed channels are a thing of the past. They say gone are the days of rentals and monthly fees because they have another option, an option which they tell is far more advanced and best suited for their needs. They say nothing but "Watch live TV on your PC"! But beware watching TV on your PC through P2P software is not always the right or good choice, as you will find in this article.

For many this is only some crazy or unrealistic idea, but in reality this is happening and transforming the home PC into a TV. Infact the dual usage of our computer is the best thing that could have happened and due to the purchase of TV on PC software it has been possible. However there are other free ways to watch live TV on your PC, and this can be achieved with P2P software and knowing the right streaming channels to configure - possible but not exactly easy or legal.

Peer to Peer or better known as P2P simply follows the idea of a computer network using diverse connectivity between participants in a network and the cumulative bandwidth of those network participants. It does not have the notion of clients and servers but having equal nodes that act simultaneously as clients and servers. It sometimes happens that a great live show or an important match of a certain sport is being held and there is no footage of that particular event. In those circumstances we can only curse and blame our cable service provider and apart from that just sit with folded hands and hope for the best to happen and gather some news from here and there. P2P is not only about lime wire, frost wire, downloading or uploading of music, movies or MP3s, or simply P2P file sharing when we just download it from someone else’s computer who is sharing it.

Another way to use P2P technology is for watching Internet T.V. where we can watch live TV on your PC - but its just not as easy to setup and maintain as simple TV on PC software in which everything is already built in. On the flip side for video providers, using minimum resources we can broadcast without the cost of a powerful server and vast bandwidth. It is, however very complicated and not as easy to use, as TV on PC software. When P2P software is used the channel can become static and un-stable, there is also some delay in P2P streaming. It does however have good memory buffering results, and gives safety of the hard disk and the risk of the hard disk drive getting damaged is almost nil.

An fast Internet connection with a minimum speed of 1500kbps and an the latest computer system is enough for working with P2P. There is also the problem of legal implications when watching the supposed live TV stream over P2P, as many files or video over P2P are pirated or do not have the copyright/rights to stream that content. With so many technical hurdles and possible legal issues it is definitely not the best and safest way to watch live TV on your PC.

Conclusion: It is much less hassle and safer to just pay a once-off fee for a TV on PC downloadable software, such as Satellite TV for PC. has gone to great lengths to put together the best information, research and analysis for Top TV on PC software products available on the Internet.

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* Includes channels showing baseball, football, soccer, basketball, tennis, and racing! Channels like ESPN News, EuroSports TV, GameSports TV, WHL TV, Fox Network, and Sport Star. There are channels for just about any sport you can think of... ultimate fighting, martial arts, wrestling, and boxing!

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I think the first word on this one says it all - Rubbish. Not even worth wasteing your time on. Does not deliver what was promised. Possibly does not even work correctly. It will really need a tremendous amount of improvement to bring it up to standards.

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