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Satellite TV for PC™ Elite is our top-pick for TV on PC software. You can download and install the software in mere seconds, start watching TV Channels with Football, Basketball, Baseball and many other Sports (even European stations and many other overseas countries) right on your PC, without needing any extra equiptment. Satellite TV for PC™ is updated continually to ensure that it contains the correct TV streams and stations - saving you the trouble of trawling through the Internet trying to find your favourite Sports TV broadcast...

"We've tested every major TV on PC software on the market, and Satellite TV for PC™ Elite is definitely the easiest (and fastest) way to watch Sports TV on your PC.."


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How Can Satellite Sports Channels Be Viewed On a PC Without a TV Card?

How many of you have been wondering if it were really possible to turn your PC into a TV, allowing you to view and enjoy your favorite Football, Basketball, Baseball or any other sport, wherever you are?

Are you also wondering how this can be achieved without the complicated setups and piles of cables involved when using a TV card or converter, and limitation of having to plug into a cable wall socket?

Seriously, nothing can be more frustrating than beginning to watch a long-awaited match, and then leaving it midway because you had to attend to some urgent work. Of course, you can use TiVo to record the match and play it later on. Well, hang onÖ there can be no possible alternative to watching live TV on your PC than watching it live, and TiVo can never be a substitute when you can easily take the match along with you despite where you are.

Well thankfully there is a better way, and it's now possible to watch live TV on your PC, and this article is going to tell you how.

Why Watch TV on Your PC?

The technology enabling you to watch live TV on your PC was being researched and tested for the last 7 years now, and made available to the public only very recently. Surprisingly, millions of people have already adopted it and it is no wonder becoming one of the fastest gaining trends today. If you are wondering why so my people are craving for watching live TV on their PCs, the reason is simple - this is by far a cost effective solution over those pricey satellite cable bills and a very nice way to bring their monthly expenditure down, by up to $100.

How Can This Be Done?

So how exactly can you watch live sports and regular TV channels on your PC? It is very simple to turn your PC into a live TV by using what is known as "TV on PC" software. To see just how many of these softwares exists these days, all you have to do is explore your preferred search engine for the keyword "TV for PC" or "satellite TV for PC", or any other combination that comes to your mind relating to watching television on your computer. After having run your search, literally thousands of results will be displayed to you, whereby you will find numerous online vendors offering you access to no less than 3000 channels. The real task starts here, that is, of choosing the right vendor.

Choosing Providers

Always opt for the vendor who offers you systematic guidance on the download and installation procedure. You can also go through consumer reviews for finding the best software application enabling you to watch your favorite sports right on your PC. We have reviewed and tested many TV on PC software applications and services, and constantly are updating the list, because the industry keeps on changing - getting better and better. So be sure to check out top software applications for watching live TV on your PC on our review pages.

For a long time now, the best downloadable and useable TV on PC software was Satellite TV for PC™ Titanium, Satellite TV for PC™ Elite, and Satellite TV for PC™ Pro. However, there are many other vendors too who are catching up, and the decision is solely yours as to which one you would like to get for yourself.

Once you know which services provider will best address your requirements, all that remains for you to do is downloading the TV on PC software program, install it on your machine, and start watching over 3000 channels right away (not that you'll probably actually watch 3000 channels, but at least you'll have the choice ;-)). Apart from the TV on PC software, what you need is just a computer and an Internet connection (of course a good broadband Internet connection is recommended, but not absolutely necessary).

Make Sure to Choose the Legal Vendors

Once connected, you can view all your favorite channels from any corner of the world (any corner with an Internet or wireless connection that is :-)), because you'll have live TV on your PC streaming through the Internet. The other great thing about TV on PC software is that the good ones are extremely easy to use and 100% legal. Most of them are also free from any malware or spyware, however please beware as there are some dodgy ones out there such as some of the free programs and P2P applications. Most TV on PC software needs only a one-time setup fee that is indeed minimal, with no subscription fees or recurring costs.

So no more worrying about the expensive monthly satellite cable rentals - you just use your Internet connection to watch TV! And now you know why your satellite cable service provider is not telling you about this, and would not want you to know about it either! has gone to great lengths to put together the best information, research and analysis for Top TV on PC software products available on the Internet.

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* Includes channels showing baseball, football, soccer, basketball, tennis, and racing! Channels like ESPN News, EuroSports TV, GameSports TV, WHL TV, Fox Network, and Sport Star. There are channels for just about any sport you can think of... ultimate fighting, martial arts, wrestling, and boxing!

Wise Words

"You donít have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great."

- Les Brown

Our Review Rating System

Our rating system for our software product reviews are short, blunt and to the point. Below are listed our rating scores from 5/5(best) to 1/5(worst).

We use this system to rate certain aspects of a software product, aswell as use this system to give the software product an overall rating.

Our Rating System Review Rating 5/5
Really great work here. Delivers more than expected, and in a way that leaves the user feeling great about it. Review Rating 4/5
It has really produced a nice effort, and leaves the user feeling like they recieved good value. It delivers what was promised and a little more. Review Rating 3/5
Well it's ok, it passes and at least delivers what it originally says. However it definitely could be better, and doesn't really push the standards to give the user "Great Value". Review Rating 2/5
This is below average, just doesn't pass. Needs some improvement to bring it up to standards of being "Ok". Review Rating 1/5
I think the first word on this one says it all - Rubbish. Not even worth wasteing your time on. Does not deliver what was promised. Possibly does not even work correctly. It will really need a tremendous amount of improvement to bring it up to standards.

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